Handy Hints

Cooking tasty, healthy meals for your family doesn't need to cost you lots of time or money. Select a topic below to find out how you could make a change.

Healthy, Tasty Swaps

Oven vs. shop chips


Swapping your regular chip shop chips for oven chips will save you around 400 calories.

Simple swaps: drinks


Water and milk are all much better for you and your kids than sugary, fizzy drinks.

Simple swaps


Check labels and choose low-salt or reduced-sodium products.

Swap wraps for bread


Choose a wrap instead of a slice of bread.

Simple swaps: meals


Remember, it's always better to grill than fry.

Jelly swaps


Opt for sugar free jelly - kids won't taste the difference!

The best nuts


Have a small handful of unsalted, mixed nuts instead of salted nuts.

Crisp substitute


Swap normal crisps for baked crisps, plain popcorn or multigrain snacks.

Biscuit swaps


Pick a plain biscuit instead of a chocolate one

Ice cream swaps


Mash a banana up and freeze it, for a healthy alternative to ice-cream.

Simple swaps: snacks


"When you're watching a movie, try swapping sweets for dried fruit."

Jan, Edinburgh

Fruit not fruit juice


Go for fruit instead of fruit juice.

Simple swaps: condiments


Use spices for flavouring instead of salt.

Substitute rice for cabbage


"Try to substitute cabbage with curry instead of rice."


Simple swaps: meals


Ditch the chips and have mashed potato or potato wedges instead.

Simple swaps: crisp replacements


Replace crisps with plain popcorn, or regular crisps with baked versions.

Healthier eating


"Chop up some cherry tomatoes and grill them with your bacon. It's more filling, one of your five a day, and cuts down on your tomato sauce."


Breakfast well


"Instead of milk with your cereal, try either fat-free fromage frais, or fat-free Greek yogurt. You could also use a sugar substitute or cinnamon, along with chopped apple or banana to get one of your 5 a day."


Simple swaps: snacks



Pastries and cakes can be swapped for a small scone or malt loaf. You can have it plain or with reduced fat spread.

Fish & chips


"Oven-baked fish and chips are a much healthier choice than the deep-fried version."

Stuart, Edinburgh

Simple swaps: meals


Meat like chicken or turkey, is lower in fat than mince and sausages.

Simple swaps: bread


Wholemeal bread is a more filling alternative to white bread.

Simple swaps: breakfast


Choose porridge for breakfast instead of sugary cereals. You could even add some fruit.

Simple swaps: potatoes


Instead of chips, try boiled or baked potatoes.

Simple swaps: snacks


"Crackers and oatcakes are an excellent substitute for biscuits."

Claire, Glasgow

Simple swaps: drinks


"Change calorie filled drinks for water. No calories, no sugar - just pure, refreshing goodness that will keep you fuller for longer. Best of all it's free!"