Overheard at teatime ...

When it comes to not eating their tea, kids can come up with lots of weird and wonderful excuses! Here are just a few you have shared with us over on our Facebook page...

"I don't like the taste of my eggs. They taste too eggy!"

Scott McDermott, Falkirk

"It's too nice to eat mum, I don't want to spoil it. I'll save it for tomorrow... or the next day."

Mary Campbell, St Andrews

"I can't eat that because my teeth are tired!"

Debbie Sloan, Ayr

My youngest daughter said: "I've only got a wee belly,"

John Henderson

"My three year old daughter said, when I gave her bran flakes... 'I'm not eating Sasha's tea'. Sasha is our pet dog."

Nikki Halkerston, of Broughty Ferry

"Mum I've eaten all my fruit and vegetables today so I don't need to eat for five days now."

My reply was: "You need five of them every day". Not a happy son

Margaret MacDonald, of Alloa

"My little man wouldn't eat Brussel sprouts and when I asked why he said, 'they must be ready bad as I see dad feeding them to the dogs when you’re not looking'."

Tracey Bennett, Edinburgh

"When my daughter Rebecca was younger she was once given pizza cut into squares which she refused to eat because, "it was too posh" and her excuse for not eating melon, crying hysterically, "it's all wet".

Debbie Wade, Drumchapel

"My big toe is sore."

John Dunlop, Dreghorn

"My son refused his fish fingers because they'd touched his sweetcorn."

Karl Scott

"My child claimed that peas are "too green"."

Angela Harkness Robertson

"My son cried when I gave him a baked potato, he said he "couldn't eat Mr Potato Head's family."

Linda Titch Starka

"My daughter wouldn't eat sweetcorn because she was convinced she'd turn into the big green giant..."

Katrina Donaldson

"My son wouldn't eat broccoli but he would eat "wee green trees"."

Sharon Hennessey

"My son went mad if we ordered him a cheese and tomato pizza, but would wolf down a margarita one."

Jo-anne Knowles

"A direct quote from my 3-year-old fussy eater: "I can't eat anymore, my tongue is asleep!""

Samantha Gordon

"My son won't eat mince and potatoes, but plonk the potatoes on top of the mince and call it cottage pie - it disappears!‬‬"

Michelle Patrick

"My grand-daughter won't drink orange juice with "hairy bits" in it!"

Jennifer Wales

"My daughter only eats a nectarine if I tell her it's a peach's sister."

Deborah Clyde

"From my kid: "My heart wants to eat it but my head won't let me!"."

Rebecca Keeble

"My daughter told me that she was "electric" to food - what she really meant was "allergic"!"

Pamela Coyle

"One of my kids wouldn't eat fish fingers, but would eat them if I said they were fish toes!‬‬"

Gill Tatts Witton

"My child's excuse: "I'm too tired to chew!"."

Anji Wilson

"My daughter said she couldn't eat anymore because she had a hole in her tummy (pointing to belly button) and the food would fall out!"

Lynne Berney

"My son won't eat nuts because he thinks they will grow into trees in his tummy."

Tricia Wilson

"My son won't eat potatoes, but he will eat 'tatties'!"

Tricia Wilson

"My kid wouldn't eat because the plate had the wrong shape (all being round)."

John Tripney

"My kids tell me "the dinner part of my tummy is full, it's only the pudding part that's got room left!""

Claire Valentine

"My four year old claims he doesn't like meatballs, but when I flattened them and asked him if he wanted 'mini burgers' he said "Ooh yes, I love them!" and the ate them all up."

Melissa Williamson